Thursday, February 11, 2010

TK Slammer

It's been a while! I haven't been updating--just haven't, you know, *felt* it--and therefore missed the Road Trip from Hell and several other games. But last night against the New York Islanders, Tyler Kennedy brought the energy to a game that desperately needed it by dropping the gloves. Now, it was an ill-advised fight, and Matt Martin won easily, but it was still far more fun to watch than anything that had preceded it. As TK skated to the penalty box with a smirk, I knew the tide had turned in the Penguins' favor. It's time to honor our little bundle of hate energy.

I kept thinking of a tequila shooter for TK--small, scrappy, awesome energy. I don't like to work with or drink tequila very often. My friends who knew me then joke that Joe Nichols' song "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" was written about me in my early twenties. That said, nothing else seemed to work. So I came up with this twist on the classic Tequila Slammer/Popper.

TK Slammer

1 ounce lime-flavored Diet Coke or Pepsi
1 ounce gold tequila

Combine ingredients in shot glass. Slam the shot glass down on the bar or table to make it super-fizzy, then slam the drink. Enough of these, and you just might wind up picking a fight with a person who's much bigger than yourself or licking a hockey stick!

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