Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Stupid Shutout

It happened. Marc-Andre Fleury finally got his first shutout of the season against the Boston Bruins tonight! I have already named a cocktail after MAF, but so what? After all the hype about the asswhoopings about to be given and received, this is what I think needs to be remembered, especially since Fleury and our defenders had an awful performance against the New Jersey Devils just the night before.

I just put this together tonight out of things that looked appealing to me. Boy, I was craving strawberries. It's a bit girly and faintly pink, but hell, we *are* talking about a guy who allows people to nickname him "Flower". This is sweet, but with a bit of pucker to it, and it's as good as finally getting "that stupid shutout".

The Stupid Shutout

About 5-6 strawberries, washed and tops cut off
Dash balsamic vinegar
2 ounces Absolut Berri Acai
Lemon-lime seltzer

Place strawberries in cocktail shaker with just a small dash of balsamic vinegar. Mash them in the shaker with a spoon. Add Absolut Berri Acai and a couple of ice cubes. Shake like crazy for a minute. Strain out liquid into an old-fashioned glass; discard ice and strawberry pulp. Top with seltzer; stir or shake lightly.

Notes on ingredients: I have seen other acai-flavored vodkas besides Absolut Berri Acai, but not many. The Absolut has other flavors to it--blueberry and pomegranate. (I'm trying this with blueberries when the time's right!) Also, I do mean seltzer--Sprite, 7-Up, and the like would be far too sweet and overwhelm the other, more interesting flavors.


  1. Genius! I recently bought my first bottle of this latest Absolut and I was blown away. And balsamic vinegar is just perfect with strawberries, isn't it? I will try this tonight. I need a break from my Red Army. It's basically a Moscow Mule made with raspberry sorbet. It's beyond delicious but I'm afraid the moj might be rubbing off on the CapiTOOLS and I'm starting to feel dirty in a not cool way... If you know what I mean! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Hope you liked this if you did try it. That Red Army sounds summer, or when the Caps are safely bound for the golf course.