Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By popular demand...

There will be commentary. There will be celebration. There will be complaining. There will be a few recipes for actual food, like lucky black and white cookies and borscht made in honor of Evgeni Malkin (and also to get rid of the beets from my farmers' co-op box.) There will be inappropriate jokes and comments about the players' bodies. There may actually be a little hockey knowledge someplace, too!

But most of all, there will be two things I enjoy a lot coming together: The Penguins and cocktails. Over at the Pensburgh and Puck Huffers blogs, I have posted several cocktail recipes in honor of individual Penguins players and their achievements. Those will go here. There will be others, too, like something red, white and blue for Team USA and frozen drinks to be made during NBC intermissions, when nobody minds running the blender. While I drink one drink a day or less--all too often, I'm sipping on herbal tea on my couch--I do love cocktails as a creative medium. Some people can draw, some people can edit video, but I can mix drinks. This will primarily be a site that corrals all those recipes in one place.

I'll be working on it here and there, but please don't expect much before January. For the moment, I will be backdating the recipes I've already come up with and posting them here when I grab the chance. Soon enough, I'll have it right. I'd be happy to take suggestions and requests from other fans.

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