Thursday, December 17, 2009

Under time and budget!

Are those not the most beautiful words in the English language? I really thought I couldn't get this blog together until January, but I was so wrong. "Unexpected free time" is another beautiful phrase. Now I can post all the cocktail recipes I come up with for the Penguins (or anything else hockey-related) here. Welcome!

There are things I want to do with this blog (for one, learn how to position tags to the left), but for the most part, I'm satisfied. I welcome feedback. I'd especially like to know if everyone considers this color scheme readable. I'm still happy I found the hex code for Vegas Gold.

So. Philadelphia Flyers tonight, and the Penguins will be in their house. I don't like to get too overconfident. The guys are most beatable when they feel unbeatable, and the Flyers can always be counted on to be, well, themselves. But win or lose, we can always toast the fact that we're not Flyers fans anyway. I personally will have my very favorite creation so far, Crosby Sucks. I've come to consider that yet another beautiful phrase, especially when a goal horn quickly follows it.


  1. You'll always find time, trust me. And if ya don't, you'll find ways to make time.

    Way to go on getting your digs together. Nice work.

  2. Thanks, guys! This actually isn't my first rodeo--I had a Livejournal blog, and have kept a very personal blog called Cracker Lilo's Front Porch since summer 2005. That one's just my life, relationship, opinions about politics and religion, etc. Some people may consider it controversial in some way or another, but it's just my place to vent.

    This is, however, my first blog about something besides me, something with a more narrow focus. There's going to be a lot of myself in it--can't do otherwise--but I find it interesting to do something different. I also think this is the first blog that combines hockey and cocktails!

  3. ...Might you call them "hocktails"?

    Either way, I'm very glad you've decided to create a blog dedicated to Pens-related cocktails. I can't wait to try some!! :D